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Guest FAQ

a.      Getting started


How do I search for a property?

Just type a location into one of our search boxes (on the homepage for example) and fill in any other details of your stay if you wish (number of guests and so on). Click ‘search now’ to get a list of available properties.

How do you prevent scams? Is myIndianstay ‘safe’?

MyIndianstay runs on a very secure system. We go to great lengths to ensure that you are in safe hands, and that your money is also safe – every step of the way.

We have the following security measures in place for our guests:

Withholding payment: We collect the advance payment from guests and hold it until 24 hours after the beginning of their stay. Consequently the host does not get paid until they have honoured their commitment to provide the stay.

Our review system: Guests are asked to review properties at the end of their stay. Only guests who booked the property through MyIndianstay can generate these reviews, thereby ensuring they are genuine and trustworthy.


b.     Payments


Do I pay through the website?

Yes. You pay the full amount online through the MyIndianstay secure payment system. Once paid, your money is safe and the cancellation policy for both you and the host applies.

When do I pay for the property?

You will need to pay your full stay amount online. You will get a full refund in case your booking is declined or not responded in 24 hours.

Will my credit card get charged anything if my booking is denied?

You will get a full refund in case your booking is declined or not responded in 24 hours.

What payment methods do you offer?

We accept payments with most major credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, PayPal account etc.

Can I get a receipt for my booking?

Yes, you can view and print your receipt by clicking ‘My bookings’ in your personal profile.

If I check in late, will I be denied access to the property?

Make sure you let your host know about your plans and keep their contact details to hand in the event of any changes to the agreed plan. Guests and hosts have each other’s contact details to ensure events run smoothly.

Do I have to pay the full rental amount or just a booking deposit and cash upon arrival?

In order to book with MyIndianstay, you’ll be asked to pay the full rental amount at the moment of your booking (using your credit card). You don’t pay any booking deposit and nor do you directly exchange money with your host.

Why do I have to pay the full rental amount when I book?

Our system protects all our customers against scams. Hosts understand that by offering a perfect stay, as advertised, they will receive full payment. Guests can rest easy knowing that we don’t release funds to the host until 24 hrs after check-in, thereby ensuring they can be fully refunded if there are unforeseen events.

In essence, scammers don’t bother listing with MyIndianstay because they know they won’t get any money out of it.

Where can I change the currencies of the properties?

On the top right of each page is a language and currency indicator.. Click there to see options and change if need be.

How do I pay upon arrival? I don't feel comfortable paying up front.

For security reasons we can’t allow payment on arrival. When you pay online, you are immediately covered with our Payment Protection Policy. We hold the money until 24 hours after you arrive in order to make sure your check-in was successful. Only once you’re safely and happily in the property will we forward your payment to the host



c.      Using MyIndianstay



How do I ask a question/contact the host?

Once you have made a request for a property, you can then message the host in order to pose any questions you may have, or reply to a message they may have sent you. Go to ‘My Inbox’ to find the ‘conversation’ between the host and yourself.

Can I see where the rental property is located?

Go to the property description page to see a location map.

How can I leave a review for a property that I have stayed at?

After your stay you will receive an email from MyIndianstay asking for your feedback.

Please bear in mind that MyIndianstay only allows reviews from guests who booked properties through MyIndianstay, and through the MyIndianstay payment system. This helps us maintain honest reviews from real past guests.

Where can I find the details of my bookings?

Go to your personal profile and click on the ‘My bookings’ tab.

I contacted my host after they confirmed my booking, but there was no response. What do I do now?

After a booking is accepted, both host and guest receive each other’s contact info (email, phone, full name and address). It’s a good idea to immediately contact one another regarding the details of the trip (arrival time, flight info, directions, etc).

If email and phone attempts don’t receive a response, please contact support@myindianstay.com and we will intervene and help you.

I have already confirmed my booking, but the dates of my stay have changed. What do I do?

You will need to contact your host directly. They may be amenable to you changing your dates if the property is available – but if you modify the length of your stay, your host may apply new charges.

I have already confirmed my booking, but the number of guests has changed. What do I do?

When you confirmed your reservation, you also agreed certain terms with your host. If those terms changed, you should contact your host immediately and find out if you will incur new charges.

The host is taking ages to reply. What can I do?

We recommend you choose several properties you like and make requests for each. This will increase your chances of getting replies. We encourage hosts to reply as quickly as possible to all requests made through MyIndianstay.

If you’re particularly keen and can’t get a reply, just call us or drop us line. We’ll try to contact the host directly and get an answer for you.

What happens if I booked a property but the host doesn't show up?

This should not happen typically, but if it does, please contact us immediately. Our secure system holds your money until 24 hrs into your stay, so at the very least your reservation money is safe. We will also do our utmost to find you alternative accommodation.

In the event of this happening, your host would receive no funds for the transaction and after investigation, be permanently removed from the MyIndianstay website.

How do I know if my rental property offers particular amenities?

We’ve done our best to list the most common features and amenities in the property details listings.

If you still have a question that’s unanswered, ask it to the owner or drop us a line.

Why do rental prices change?

The hosts can change their prices at any time; prices of travel products typically fluctuate based on demand and supply.

How do I search for a property?

Just type a location into one of our search boxes (on the homepage for example) and fill in any other details of your stay if you wish (number of guests and so on). Click ‘search now’ to get a list of available properties.

Can I see where the rental property is located?

Go to the property description page to see a location map.

Where can I find the details of my bookings?

Just go to your account page to view details of your bookings, under the “My Bookings” tab.

How are keys exchanged?

It’s up to the host to arrange exchange of keys with their guest directly. If they can’t hand keys over to their guest in person (or entrust someone else to), they may use one of the following options:

A lock box: They set a code on a lock box which is fixed next to the door and contains the keys. They just need to give you the lock box code.

Keyless door locks: If they have a keyless entry lock, they can email the code to guests (and change it between guests).

Mail keys: We don’t recommend this method as mail can get lost or arrive late. A few hosts however still use this solution. If they do, we ask them to use a secure, recorded delivery service.

How do I check in once I arrive at the property?

Your host will provide information about check-in and check-out procedures, directions, keys and an emergency contact. You will need to check with your host in order to arrange all these details with them. We strongly recommend doing so prior to your arrival.

At what point will I be given the complete address of the property?

Guests and hosts will receive each other’s contact information (email, phone, full name, address) as soon as the booking is confirmed. Both can contact one another regarding the details of the stay.

Will I receive the owner's phone number after I book?

Yes. Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive your host’s contact details (including phone number). They will get yours too.

When is my check-in / check-out time?

Check-in and check-out times are typically mentioned by the host for his property. However, if the host has not already mentioned that, you can ask the hosts for this information through the messaging system and can also request the host to make adjustment to suit your needs.

Why can't I see the exact address of a property?

Some owners prefer to keep the full address confidential until their guest has confirmed their booking.

How do I know if there is enough room to sleep all guests?

Check the complete description of the property on our site where you will find the number of rooms, beds and any extra beds that are available.

For more specific questions, just ask the host directly.

Why does it say that the property can sleep more people than there are beds?

It may mean the property has extra beds or convertible couches. If in doubt, check the property page for details or contact the host.

Why aren’t there any reviews for the property I like?

We are a relatively new company, but we are growing rapidly and new properties are always being added to our site. If a property hasn’t had any reviews, it’s most likely because it’s just been added to our website. It doesn’t mean the property is unsafe to book and actually new properties are often cheaper than established properties with lots of reviews.

How much time does the host have to answer my booking request?

Hosts have upto 24hrs to respond to a booking request. You can always contact us at +91 (832) 2462973 or send us an email to support@myindianstay.com if you don’t get a reply fast enough.

I made a request to which the host answered positively, but when I tried to book I was denied. Why?

It may be that someone else booked your property in between the period you received a positive response and the time you took to book it. This is why we advise all guests to act quickly once a decision has been made. You are not guaranteed your property until you make your payment.

You can always contact us at +91 (832) 2462973 or send us an email to support@myindianstay.com and we will gladly help you find a suitable accommodation for your stay.

I have received a positive response from a host, what do I do now?

You can now proceed with the booking process and conclude the payment by clicking on the booking link (in your email) or button (in your MyIndianstay account).

Our advice is to act quickly, as the property is still available to other guests until you make your payment.

I made a request for a stay and the host responded by proposing a different property or different dates. Why?

There could be two reasons for this:

The property isn't available, but the host owns another property which may be of interest to you.

The property isn't available for the full period you've requested. Instead of simply generating an instant negative reply, we give hosts and guests the option of finding a common denominator, in case their needs and availabilities are flexible.

Can I book more than a single property for our stay?

You are free to book as many properties as you wish. Please contact us too – it means we know that the multiple booking isn’t the result of a mistake or a misunderstanding.

What's the difference between entire property and private room?

‘Entire property’ is a house/apartment/studio that is rented in its entirety to the guest who books it. ’Private room’ is a room that may be in a shared property. Make sure to double check what you are offered in your property description.

Can I book last minute?

Sure. If the property is available, just go for it!



d. Cancellations and refunds


What is the purpose of cancellation policies?

Cancellation policies protect both hosts and guests in the event of cancellations. If the host cancels your reservation, you get full refund of your payment. However, if you cancel the booking as a guest, you will get a certain refund based on the pre agreed cancellation policies. The host can put up a cancellation policy by choosing one among Flexible, Moderate, Strict or No refund. Please make note of the policy put up by the host before making the final booking. For details, please visit the link myindianstay.com/page/cancellation-and-refund-policies.



How do I cancel my reservation?

Contact us as at +91 (832) 2462973 or send us an email to support@myindianstay.com and we'll help you with your cancellation.

My host cancelled my reservation. What do I do?

In the unlikely event of this occurring, please contact us as soon as possible at +91 (832) 2462973 or send us an email to support@myindianstay.com. We will happily help you find an accommodation. Otherwise, we will refund you the total amount already paid.

I'm getting a refund. How many days will it take to process?

We'll email you when we've refunded you. Refunds may take about 3-5 business days to process.

Will I get a refund in the event of a natural disaster?

In cases of severe weather or natural disasters, we still uphold the cancellation policy that was agreed at the time of booking. However, we encourage hosts to issue refunds under these circumstances. Any refunds beyond the cancellation policy are ultimately their decision, but travel insurance should protect you against a total loss of funds

My question isn’t answered here. What do I do?

If you have more questions or want to find out more about a specific property, you can always reach us at +91 (832) 2462973 or send an email to support@myindianstay.com