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Host FAQ

a.      Getting started

How do I rent out my property?

It’s easy. Just follow these steps:

Click the ‘List your space’ button

Go through a self-descriptive process and provide details of your property. Add a good description, upload good quality pictures, set up the price you want and you are good to go.

Get your first MyIndianstay bookings!


Is it free to list a property?

Yes. If you are a host, just define the price you want to receive per night, then we will add our service fee on top. Your guests will pay the price you want to receive plus our service fee

Can you add my property or do I have to do it myself?

If you have trouble listing your property or if you have a large number of properties you would like to add at the same time, just contact our team at support@myindianstay.com and we will be more than happy to help.

How do I describe my property?

The process of describing your property is a simple and intuitive one. Think from the guest perspective and provide a description which will attract guests If you run into any problems, we’re happy to help.

How do I make a property available?

You can manage your bookings (and adjust availability, prices and property details) under the ‘My Properties’ tab of your host account page.

b.      Payments


Why does MyIndianstay not ask the guest to pay the host directly?

We ask guests to pay us in order to offer an easy and secure payment system. Further, the guests find it easier to trust a common secured platform like our website and are more willing to make bookings online. We hold the payment amount securely and release it to you after the guest has checked in at the property and stayed for 24 hours. If there are booking problems or cancellations, it is easier and more secure for us to deal with refunds. Hosts benefit too as we handle the whole payment process and transfer the money directly to your bank account, you don’t have anything to worry about..

When do I get paid?

After the guest successfully checks in and stays for 24 hours, his/her rental payment is moved to your account (called “wallet”) on our website. You can move the funds from your wallet to your preferred payout option (bank account or PayPal) whenever you like or set up an automated mechanism which will transfer funds from your wallet to your bank account/PayPal after every 2 weeks

How do I get paid?

We pay you by bank transfer/NEFT transfer or via your PayPal account. Your bank or PayPal may charge transactional fees, so we advise you to check this first in order to select the best payment option for you.

What is the fee structure?

Hosts don’t pay anything to use MyIndianStay. You define the price you want to receive from the property and we simply add our service fee on top. Your guests pay the price you want to receive - plus our service fee.


Can I set variable prices for my listing?

The price you set when you originally created the property is the default rate for all dates in your calendar. The system is flexible so you can set the same price for long periods of time, or a different price every day. To make changes to your prices and to apply them to different dates, go to ‘my calendar’ link in ‘hosting’ section


c.      Using MyIndianstay


What is the minimum length of stay?

This is the minimum number of nights you want guests to book for. We recommend you set the minimum length of stay to one night so as to accommodate the maximum number of guests.

I’m a professional property manager - can I list with you?

Yes you can. Our site is open to private homes, property management companies, commercial properties, and bed & breakfasts. If you have specific requests or policies related to your business, please contact us at sales@myindianstay.com and we’ll happily discuss.

Can I post a property from everywhere in the world?

Yes. You can list a space – either an entire property or a private room – in any location worldwide. Though, we have a focus on India, properties from any part of the world are welcome

How do I earn reviews?

After you host a guest, they will be asked to leave a review. The review will show up on your listing, and provide future guests with a validated testimonial about your property.

What if I don’t have any reviews?

When you receive MyIndianstay guests, encourage them to review their stay. To get your first bookings, we also suggest lowering your prices to generate your first few reviews.

How many photos can I add to my listings?

You can upload as many photos as you wish. Try to put pictures which give a good overview of the place.

What amenities can I list?

We have a fairly extensive list of amenities you can tick during the property description process

I confirmed an availability request but the guest didn’t book, what can I do?

Guests make up to 4 or 5 requests for a single stay to maximize their chances of getting a positive response. That’s why a guest may book elsewhere even if you respond positively.

To get round this issue, we suggest you respond to requests as promptly as possible.

How much time do I have to reply to a booking request?

You have 24 hours before the booking expires. Make sure you always accept (or reject) bookings as letting a booking expire is just the worst experience you can give to a guest and is something we strongly discourage at MyIndianstay

Do I have to answer all my requests?

Yes. This also applies if you need to offer alternative options, or reject a request. You may receive several messages from the same guest, but we still urge you to answer them all. It makes a better experience for your guests and your reply rate will be calculated appropriately.

Can I promote my listing on my blog, Facebook, or other site?

Yes. Your property profile has a unique link. We strongly encourage you to share it wherever you can on the Internet as it drives more bookings for your property.

What’s the difference between entire property and private room?

’Entire property’ is a house/apartment/studio that is rented in its entirety to the guest who books it. ’Private room’ is a room that may be in a shared property. Make sure you make it very clear what you are offering in your property description.

How do I add multiple listings to my account?

Once you create your first listing, you will have an account. Simply repeat the process you used to list your first property.

I want to cancel a booking. What do I do?

If you want to cancel a booking please contact our team, at support@myindianstay.com and they will help you. We strongly discourage to cancel any accepted bookings as this may completely destroy the guest’s travel plan. We always ask the host to also contact the guest and explain the reasons for the cancellation.

Can a guest cancel their booking?

Guests can cancel their booking at any time, but always accordingly to the cancellation policy that you selected. According to these policies you’ll get a certain amount of money, even if the guest cancels. Your property will be available again and you might even get a new booking for these dates.

What are the cancellation policies and why do I need them?

Cancellation policies protect both hosts and guests in the event of cancellations. As a host, you get the option to choose the kind of cancellation policy you want to apply if the guests cancel a booking. You can choose between Flexible, Moderate, Strict or No refund options. The stricter you are in your cancellation policies, more you safeguard you revenue in case of cancellations, but at the same time your property becomes less attractive to other hosts which provide a flexible cancellation policy to guests. For details, please visit the link https://myindianstay.com/page/cancellation-and-refund-policies. You can change the cancellation policy for each of your properties in the edit property page under the ‘My properties’ tab of your account.

How do I set another photo as the default one?

Go to ‘My properties’ tab on your host account and select the property you want to edit. On the photo gallery, select the preferred picture and click on ’make default’.

How do I get on the first page of search results?

The first page displays the most responsive hosts and best reviewed properties. You can improve your rank by accepting more bookings and getting good reviews.

Why can’t I give my email address or phone number to a guest?

We require all messaging to be handled through the site to maintain your privacy, provide an appropriate level of service, and for any interactions to adhere to our terms & conditions to ensure you are protected. Once a booking is confirmed you will receive the guest’s details (their email address, phone number, name and address) and the guest will receive your contact details

Should my calendar be always up to date?

We encourage all MyIndianstay hosts to keep their calendar as up-to-date as possible.

How can I get more bookings?

Add professional quality photos, lower your price, and reply promptly to all enquiries. These are the 3 easiest ways to increase business.

How can I improve the quality of my listing?

The most important thing is having great quality photos and an accurate and complete description.

My property doesn’t show up on the map, why is that?

To ensure we provide quality information, all our listings need to be verified by our team before they can appear on the map. When you first list your property, it can take some days before the property is checked and appears on the map.

I have multiple listings. Can I move guests between them?

No. Accepting a booking is for that particular room or address. Swapping properties is not acceptable. Please contact us at support@myindianstay.com if availability becomes an issue.

When you get a booking request, you can offer another apartment if the requested one is not available. But once you’ve accepted a booking for one specific apartment, you cannot move the guest to a new one.

What happens if I receive a negative review?

Take note of the feedback, improve the experience, and host again. We encourage you to respond to the review in order to give your own explanations of the problem. This way, future guests can see both views of the issue and acknowledge that you are a concerned and professional host.

If you think the review is slanderous or unfair, contact us and we’ll look into it.

How can I check the settings for one of my availability periods?

Go to your calendar under the My Properties tab. Dates highlighted in light green are availability periods. Simply click on any of those dates to see the settings for the corresponding period. To remove, modify or add availability, simply select the correct option from the dropdown, choose the dates to which this new status will apply and click ‘confirm’.

How do I modify the description of my property?

Go to the My Properties tab in your account and select the property you want to edit. You can edit any part of the listing, including the description

How much should I charge?

We suggest you look at some similar MyIndianstay listings in your city for guidance. If you’re a new host, we recommend you put your listing on sale by charging 25-50% less than the market rate to compete with hosts with lots of reviews.

This will add value and be a good long-term investment. Once you build a good reputation, demand will go up, and you can charge more.


d.      Tips and Suggestions

How to create a good listing?

Good photos are a huge component of a good listing (see the next question if you need advice on this).

If your listing is comprehensive, it will generally be more appealing to guests, and they will be more likely to enquire about it. Other important components of a listing are:

  • The property description: Make sure you sell your property - not your area. Describe your property in a way that encourages guests to imagine the great stay they will have there. Add any unique selling points, major amenities, info about the bedrooms and the beds, suitability for certain groups of guests and a description of the view.
  • The title of the property: Use words that clearly depict your property and its main selling points. It could describe your property type, location type and major amenities (e.g. ’Portuguese style villa near Anjuna beach’).
  • The location: Guests look for properties that are close to specific attractions. In the property’s text description, we recommend listing the exact distance from the property itself to specific attractions.
  • The price: Most guests search with a certain budget in mind. Make sure you set up your nightly prices correctly in the ‘Prices’ tab under ‘My Properties’ section of your host account.
  • Availability: Many guests base their holidays around work and school calendars, which can make their timing inflexible. Keep your availability calendar up-to-date to attract guests looking for specific dates, even at the last minute.

What can I do to create impact with my photos?

The more quality photos you provide, the more interested guests become – and then they’re more likely to book.

Here are a few tips to help you take the right shots:

  • Stage your photos: Help guests imagine what it’s like to stay at your place. Stage your scene by making sure it’s clean and tidy, then add warm touches, such as a bowl of fruit or a vase of flowers.
  • Shed some light: Open all blinds and curtains, turn on all indoor lights, and take photos both with and without flash.
  • Necessary photos: The living area, the main bedroom, the view from the property, the outside of the property, the kitchen, the additional bedrooms, the swimming-pool (if there is one) or anything that makes your property unique and desirable.
  • Keep it sharp: Use a tripod to avoid blurred photos.
  • Be quick: Be the first to respond to enquiries from potential guests
  • Be competitive: Be competitive with your prices – or reduce them initially if you need more bookings and reviews
  • Update: Keep your listings updated, especially the calendar
  • Reviews: Get positive reviews by being a fabulous host
  • Optimise: Optimise your listing for search engines by being as specific as possible when writing your property description
  • Link: Link to your property listing from other websites around the web (your blog, Facebook, Twitter etc).

How can I increase bookings?

How can I make my property as comfortable as possible for guests?

Think about why guests want to stay in a rental property instead of a hotel. There’s more space, more amenities, more personality - and they get to experience life as a local.

  • Sleeping areas: Provide nice beds with washable pillow and mattress protectors. Provide quality linen and extra bedding.
  • Living area: Make sure your living area has enough comfortable seating for at least the number of people that you sleep.
  • The bathrooms: Make sure bathrooms are spotless and that there are plenty of good quality towels.
  • Decoration: Aim to decorate and furnish your property tastefully. You may want to consider adding a unique and/or local touch in order to stand out from the crowd.
  • The kitchen: When it comes to kitchens, think practical. Don’t limit tableware to the amount of people you sleep – remember they may want to entertain guests. The more you offer, the more appealing your property will be.
  • TV and Internet: Guests often expect high-speed Internet and a large TV with a DVD player.
  • Extras: Aim to exceed expectations. Why not offer some games, books, DVDs or music – or a personal touch from the host, such as a package of bread, coffee and milk in the fridge on arrival.

Note: before welcoming guests, remember to remove or lock away any valuable or irreplaceable items.


How can I give keys to my guests?


If you can’t hand them over in person when your guests arrive, here are some other options:

  • Personal touch: Ask someone else to hand them over on your behalf.
  • Lock boxes: It’s easy to set your own code on a lock box and fix it next to your door with the keys inside. You can then provide your guests with the combination.
  • Keyless door locks: If you use a keyless entry lock, you can email the code to guests and change it between guests.
  • Mail keys: We don’t recommend this method as mail can get lost or arrive late. A lot of hosts however still use this solution. If you do, use a secure, recorded delivery service and make sure you keep the master keys.



My question isn’t answered here. What do I do?

If you have more questions or want to find out more about a specific property, you can always reach us at +91 (832) 2462973 or send an email to support@myindianstay.com