Things To Do In Darjeeling

10 Things to do in Darjeeling

You must be enticed by the astounding snowcapped mountains of Kanchenjunga overlooking the hill station of Darjeeling which is situated in West Bengal. Indulge in the vast spread of tea plantation across the slopes of the mighty hills. See the blooming orchids and rhododendrons. Darjeeling indeed is a gorgeous tourist destination which is famous for its stunning ambiance with a blend of contemporary as well as majestic charisma.

Darjeeling has lots in store for you as far as natural beauty and tourism is concerned. Admire the exquisiteness of the snowcapped Tiger hills and witness the most beautiful sunsets across the expansive Himalayas. Seek blessing at the Mahakal Temple and the Japanese peace pagoda. Take a mini tour of Darjeeling in the ever famous Darjeeling Himalayan Railway. Do not forget to pay visit to the Padmaja Naidu Himalayan zoological park and the Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary, Neora valley national park, for some wild adventure.

  1. Darjeeling Himalayan Railway


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The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway which is also known as the toy train is one of the most popular attractions in Darjeeling. The rail runs from Darjeeling to Jalpaiguri which offers a scenic view of the entire city. The ride in the toy train is a great way to enjoy the natural beauty of Darjeeling. The narrow gauge rail was built in 1879 and apparently was declared as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999.

  1. Singalila National Park


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Singalila national park offers an array of activities for the tourist, other than just witnessing some of the endangered wildlife. The park is situated at the attitude of 2134 meters above sea level and therefore provides panoramic views of the entire city. Indeed it’s a charm for photographers and artist to get a glimpse of the astounding beauty. The trek to the park is also gorgeous and provides a great terrain for trekkers. You can easily spot wildlife such as the Red panda, leopard Cat, Wild Boar, Pangolin and Takin which are unfortunately termed as endangered species.

  1. Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park


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If you’ve not had enough of wildlife spotting in the Singalila national park then it’s a great idea to visit the Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park which is famous for the Red Panda and Snow Leopard. The zoo has some of the rarest species of animals such as Salamanders, Tibetan wolf, Himalayan mountain goat and Siberian tigers.

  1. Tiger Hill


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Tiger Hill is one of the most famous destinations in Darjeeling which offers a great view of sunrise as well as sunset. The drive to Tiger Hill is gorgeous spread across vast tea plantations. You would be astounded by the aroma of tea as you drive to the Tiger Hill. If you are an adventure enthusiast then, it offers an exquisite trekking trail with spectacular views of the Kanchendzonga

  1. Observatory Hill


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Situated close to Chowrarasta square, Observatory Hill is a renowned view point and tourist fascination in Darjeeling. The setting is well-known for its glorious views of Kanchendzonga and the primeval temple devoted to Mahakaal or Lord Shiva.

  1. Batasia Loop


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Batasia Loop is the home to Gurkha war commemorative which can be viewed en route to Jalpaiguri while in the toy train. The Loop provides a round the clock view of Darjeeling which is 50,000 square feet and lands into spiral tunnels across beautiful parks and knolls. Other than the war memorial and picturesque views, the local market is great for shopaholics.

  1. Happy Valley Tea Estate


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Darjeeling is famous for the vast spread across tea plantations, out of which the Happy Valley Tea Estate is one of the most famous amongst all. You can have a look at the tea plantation up close and personal and also catch one of the most breath taking scenery. Take back home an experience of a life times by visiting the highest tea factory I the world which was established in 1854 during British reign.

8. Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary Overview


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Every nature lover would love to visit a sanctuary like the Chapramari which is a home for rare flora and fauna which is no short of animals like elephants, Bengal Tiger and the Indian Bison. Indulge in some bird watching as it has one of the rarest and the most beautiful birds such as the Parrots, Kingfishers, Green Pigeons, and Partridges flocking in. The scenic views of the Kanchenjunga and other patronizing highlands beyond sprawling squares of opulent shrubbery from this sanctuary are truly spectacular

  1. Japanese Peace Pagoda


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Japanese Peace Pagoda is a part of 30 Buddhist structures in the world which is of religious importance. The architecture of the peace pagoda itself is worth seeing. It is made of attractive white structure with golden colored statuaries. The 23 square meter wide and 28.5 meter high peace pagoda is definitely worth a visit in order to learn about Buddhism in India.

  1. Neora Valley National Park


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Banquet through a enormous 88 square kilometers, the Neora Valley National Park is a worth a visit biological regions in the north-east. The Neora Valley National Park is well-known home for the Red Panda in India. The park came into existence in 1986 and has many threatened and rare species of wildlife and vegetation.



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