Steve McCurry’s Magical Blue city of Jodhpur

The contrasting hues of orange from the Thar desert and the soothing blues of the magnificent blue city around the towering Mehrangarh fort of Jodhpur is an architectural delight. The ‘Blue City’ really is blue! Inside is a tangle of winding, glittering, medieval streets, which never seem to lead where you expect them to, scented by incense, roses and sewers, with shops and bazaars selling everything from trumpets and temple decorations to snuff and saris. Local guides say the houses were painted blue to indicate the homes of the upper-caste Brahmins, but others say the houses were never painted blue in the first place. Allegedly painted white to begin with, the buildings turned blue after the copper sulphate was added to white lime in an attempt to deter nesting termites; a beautiful accident. These are the photographs of the legendary Steve McCurry, the man behind the haunting portrait of the Afghan Girl. Visit, stay and live this magical place by staying close to the fort in these amazing place :



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