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15 food items which surely define street food in India

If you are a foodie and love to taste different kind of food from all over the world and across the country, then you need not have to travel to various places, as India is known for its appetizers and snacks. The best thing about appetizers and snacks in India is that you don’t have to travel to China in order to taste those mouthwatering chowmein, similarly you can enjoy the best of kebabs from turkey in one of the Mughlai stalls right on the street. Would you like to enjoy some stone baked pizza, then you need not book a ticket to Italy as it’s all here. Let’s talk about some steamed Momo, where can you find them, of course her on the streets. The list never ends. If you wish to find the top ten places in Indian for some scrumptious appetizers and snacks then continue reading.

What are appetizers and snacks?

Appetizers and snacks in generally finger food or ready to eat food which is available with street hawker or vendors and is quite affordable. India is a diverse country, therefore every state or a region has its own specialty which you can clearly find out by taking a small stroll down its streets and seeing and tasting its appetizers and snacks.

Following are the top 15 delicious, mouthwatering appetizers and snacks

  1. Mumbai with is also known as the financial capital of India invites people from all over the world. People generally get up early in the morning and often have Vada Pao for breakfast from the roadside vendor. This is an Indian style burger; boiled potato is filled in between a bun and is served with various dips and sauces



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  1. Just like Veda paw is famous in Mumbai similarly the streets of Ahmadabad is famous for Dabeli which is somewhat similar to Veda Pao. People often relish this easy to make snack for breakfast.


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  1. Delhi, the capital of India, welcomes people from all over the country who come here for job opportunities. However, Punjabi cuisine is quite popular due to a large number of Punjabis who are settled here. Chole Bhature is a very famous appetizers and snacks which is available on the roadside food stalls. Chole Bhature can be eaten as a snack and is quite filling. Other than chole bhature rajama rice, Chole rice, kadi rice is also very common.

chole bhature

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  1. If you move further down to the center of India, Indore is famous for its staple breakfast snack Poha jalebi. It is served with nylon seve and green chilies. They are served in dona, which are handmade bowls made out of leaves.


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  1. If you happen to go to Patna you would be amazed to see how people are in love with this appetizers and snacks known as the Litti chokka, which is indeed quite healthy and nutritious. The main ingredients of litti chokka are gram flour, brinjal, boiled potato this can either be eaten as a snack or a main course.

Litti chokka

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  1. When we talk about appetizers and snacks how can we forget to mention Aloo Tikki. If you wish to taste best Aloo Chaat then head to Lucknow. It is made of boiled potatoes, which is shaped like a patty which is deep fried on a low flame to make it crisp. You can team this up with various dips and salad. Lucknow is also famous for Bhel Puri, Jhalmuri and seve Puri.

allo Tikki

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  1. Once upon a time Manchurian was simply known as kofte, however it has a different dimension all together and is very famous in Chinese cuisine. They are made up of shredded vegetable and covered with flour .It is deep fried. The best thing about this snack is that either it can be eaten on its own or can be served with a thick gravy.


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  1. Let’s talk about spicy snacks. If you haven’t had enough, and then you must definitely visit Bikaner which is in Rajasthan. The Bikaner Kachori and the Mirchi Veda is very famous appetizers and snacks in the whole of Rajasthan. Other than snacking dal Batti churma is eaten as a main course which is can also available from street vendors.


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  1. If you are wandering in the streets of Kolkata then you cannot miss its famous egg roll. It is basically a wrap which comprises of an egg and salad which is served with various dips and sauces. If you wish, you can team it up with some chicken soup.

egg roll

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  1. The seven sisters of India have brought a very interesting snack known as the spring rolls. It has become so popular that, now it is one of the most loved snack in the entire country. They have a crispy shell of flour and greens or some meat filling inside. It is served with hot and spicy chilli sauce.

spring rolls

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  1. Bangalore recently has become the IT hub and has invited young blood who are very fond of appetizers and snacks. One of the most famous appetizers and snacks of Bangalore is atti roti, which is made up of rice flour and is served with tomato and coconut chutney.

coconut chutney

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  1. If you really want to test your taste buds, then Mirchi Bajji from Hyderabad is a must have. These are green chilies full with numerous fillings and then covered in batter and deep fried. You can also enjoy Hyderabadi Biryani which is world famous for its authentic taste.

Hyderabadi Biryani

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  1. If you are looking for an appetizer which is non oily as well as healthy then why not just go in for some sprouted chaat which is served as a salad with some complimentary cripy vegetable.

sprouted chaat

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  1. If you happen to go to Gujrat you would be astonished to see how people have special love for snacks. Talk about murukku which is made of rice flour batter mixed with variety of dals is a crispy and is an ideal tea time snack.


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  1. Kebabs are yet another tea time snacks which are very popular in Hyderabad and North Indian as well. Kebabs are mostly prepared out of shredded meat, but can also be made of vegetables such as potatoes and mixed vegetables. They are crispy from outside and soft from inside.


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So, did your favorite street food dish made the cut? Let us know which one is you favorite and we will add it here!

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