Rajasthan Videos

These Rajasthan Videos will Make You Fall in Love with Rajasthan!

Rajasthan is undoubtedly India’s richest state when it comes to culture, history and heritage! The enchanting landscapes and colorful patterns will mesmerize you beyond your imagination.

Rajasthan tourism just launched an amazing campaign which we absolutely love! These Rajasthan videos showcase the variety of experiences that Rajasthan can offer. It has been captured wonderfully in these videos. Each video portrays a unique experience in Rajasthan, experienced by a traveler. The traveler’s name is used to resemble Rajasthan, which depicts how Rajasthan looks from the eyes of the traveler.

We at MyIndianStay absolutely loved the campaign! We have compiled the videos for you. Tell us how do you like it!

Rajasthan beautifully depicted through Sand Art (Rajasthan Videos)

Jane sees an enchanting sight! (Rajasthan Videos)

A Haunted experience for Binoy (Rajasthan Videos)

Huan realizes how rich Rajasthan Heritage is! (Rajasthan Videos)

Arya realizes how big a heart Rajasthan folks have! (Rajasthan Videos)

Meera is discover the beauty of Rajasthan! (Rajasthan Videos)

Rajasthan is a destination in India which will exceed your expectations. The beautiful forts in Jaipur, the wildlife experience in Ranthambore, the blue streets of Jodhpur, the royal ambiance of Udaipur and the extravagance of Jaisalmer! These destinations which provide you a myriad set of experiences. These experiences would make your trip a memorable one!

We bet you loved these videos! Have you been to Rajasthan before? Share your experiences with us!

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