Discover these 7 Offbeat Stays in Goa for your next vacation!

Intriguing – The Wooden Chalet by the River Mandovi

Front Side Of The Villa

This wooden chalet will capture one’s imagination – the picturesque location, the warm and comforting scent of wood and the attention to detail. Gently caressed by the River Mandovi, one has a spectacular view of the outdoors from anywhere in the chalet. Experience nature and see it put on its best performance with dewy fresh mornings, star spangled nights and the sparkling crystalline waters of the river. The location of this accommodation is an intriguing mix of comfort and facilities with instant access to the idyllic outdoors.

Dining Hall Fitted With All Amenities.

IDEAL FOR: This four bedroom chalet, with attached bathrooms, is ideal for families with children as it is well-stocked with beverages, milk, variety of food, and other everyday necessities.

Enticing – The Island Retreat

Your Retreat On This Island

The enticement and almost magical quality of this Island Retreat takes one’s breath away – the turquoise waters, verdant landscapes, shimmering beach, cyan lagoon and picturesque trails will be enough reason to want to stay on. The only equivalent is the airy and bright interiors of the accommodation that create an ambience of easy-living and seem to instantly welcome its visitors. There is an enhanced feeling of space and homeliness. One must take the time to enjoy this ambience – listen to the rustling of the leaves, the sound of the waves crashing the rocks, the earthy smell of the moist sand and the enchanting fragrance of the flowers and foliage.

the Entire Estate

IDEAL FOR: Large groups and families, who can share this accommodation and yet be at complete peace within one’s own family. Children will have a blast splashing in the pool or frolicking in the sand. Even the elderly would be comfortable here as the cook can prepare homely and healthy meals to suit everyone’s taste.

Beautifully Designed Living Area

Inviting Pool

Captivating – The Sea View Wooden Cottages in Morjim

Stay On The Beach!

The captivating location and thoughts of lazy struts along the sea stroked land, the quick dip in the cooling waters even before the sun puts on its morning show and sweet wafts of the water laden breeze gently stroking one’s face –will put anyone in a jubilant mood. It is the promise of a tranquil vacation which is what harried city dwellers need after the many tired days of a frenzied office lifestyle. If a trip has left one exhausted, easily curl up on the front porch and relax with the gentle sounds of the waters teasing the shore.

Listen To The Sound Of Waves

Catch The Sunset Or A Fish?

IDEAL FOR: Also for the lone traveller. There is so much nature to be one with and the in-house facilities and food will leave one wanting for more. With round the clock security, even lone women travellers would be at complete peace in this idyllic accommodation.

Exclusive Cottage

Fascinating – Beach-Side Cottages in Calangute


The beach-side cottage is not just comfortable but is a fascinating mix of fun, excitement and an unsaid feeling that one is about to have the time of their life. The accommodation is cheery, airy and has a distinct finesse. It is one with nature and yet is the perfect place to enjoy some family fun, time with friends or even time alone since it is fully equipped with every modern amenity one would need. The surroundings fill one’s senses with the earthy smells of the ocean and experience bliss as nature serves its best to lend calm serenity.

Experience The Beauty Of Wood

IDEAL FOR: The busy office executive unable to break away from the office chores completely. Replete with WiFi, one can keep in touch with urgent office matters and also enjoy some relaxed time with the family enjoying great food amidst nature.

Home Cooked Local Cuisine

Enchanting – Portuguese Villa in the Heart of Porvorim


Portuguese Home..All To Yourself

This villa holds an enchanting appeal as it reflects the traditional warmth and welcoming feel of the Portuguese era. Despite being equipped with modern amenities it still manages to retain its intrinsic charm and character and is a great place to sit back and revel in the simple gifts that life and nature have to offer. This villa can only be described as pure glamour that lets it tower over the other structures around and is a curious blend of natural aesthetics in the outdoors with unbeatable comforts on the inside.

Welcome To A Portuguese Era

IDEAL FOR: Beach lovers and families with children who love the outdoors. The comfortable rooms equipped with televisions make remaining indoors fun, too.

Mesmerizing – Beachside 3 BHK Bungalow in Calangute


Your Home Away FROM HOME

If one is crazy about beaches and the show that the waves put on, then this accommodation is the ideal way to take in every move the ocean makes. It is a treat to see the myriad hues of the ocean waters, the jade trees and foliage, the silver and GOLD speckled beach and the cerulean sky dotted with white candy clouds and hear the mischievous gurgle of the lapping ocean and the breeze as it passes noisily through the palm trees that line the beach. Take time to enjoy a walk down the beach, take a swim in the beach waters and then lie back as the sun smiles down – Feel all the tiredness and stress melt away.

Only The Best for You

IDEAL FOR: Large corporate groups, families, the elderly and even a foot-loose and fancy free lone traveller. The amenities, food, in-house chef and internet facilities ensure that one’s holiday is relaxed with a promise of good food while keeping in touch with one’s home.

Simple Living

Enthralling – Villa in Anjuna

Make Yourself At Home Here

The most enthralling part of this property is the effortless way in which it blends classic timelessness with modernity. There is a certain fluidity which seems to bring the outdoors and indoors together seamlessly making it even more appealing. Here time is on one’s side – take a leisurely swim, saunter along the beach or go for an easy jog or the best of all – do nothing but let nature’s solitude and caress gently lull the body into a deep slumber. What better way to unwind and feel rejuvenated!

Come And Enjoy A Rustic Meal

IDEAL FOR: Families with children and pets! No reason to fret about leaving one’s family pooch behind – bring them along for a truly great family vacation.

Choose To Dive In The Pool Or The Ocean



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