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7 most delectable north indian food items every Indian should taste

North India is full of delights, and one of them is its cuisine. You would be enchanted to see the numerable varieties of snacks, appetizers and main course available here. Whether it is street food, food on the go or fine dining dishes, North India is no short of food which would please you. Below are some of the dishes which you certainly cannot afford to miss when you visit North India.

  1. Rajma

Rajma is an extremely popular dish among north India food. Due to its popularity this dish is getting very famous worldwide as well. It is very rich in proteins and is a healthy option as well. It can be complimented with various breads such as pita bread, naan or chapatti. It serves very well with rice and salad. Rajma which is also known as red kidney beans can be very conveniently cooked in slow cooker. This north Indian food item can turn out to be the most delicious meal that anybody can think of. Rajma when teamed with rice is so inviting that even the kids seem to be very excited. Cooking it in a slow cooker makes it cook fast. It makes it cook slowly by which all the juices remain intact and it smells wonderful. The authenticity of Rajma remains in the way it is prepared by using authentic whole and powdered spices which gives that aromatic effect. A plate full of rajma rice definitely brings a big smile on any bodies face. Rajma is one of the most prominent North Indian food items.


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      2. Aloo Parathe

If we talk about North India stable breakfast idea then Aloo Parathe is definitely on top of the list. Aloo p Parathe can be served with yogurt, butter and pickle and is very filling. If you wish to break the monotony of chapatti then aloo paranta is a great way to start your day.. It is very easy to make as well as very healthy. It can also be packed in Tiffin for lunch or breakfast. In order to make it more interesting people tend to add chopped onions, coriander and green chilies. After rolling it similar to a chapatti it is lightly fried on a flat pan till it is golden brown .If you wish to have a quick on the go breakfast then simply grab a roll of Aloo Parathe and off you go.

aloo parathe

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    3. Samosa

Samosa is yet another delicious appetizer which is very famous in North India. Samosas are a quick and an easy way to have a healthy snack. By combining various vegetable and spices one can make a quick and an interesting appetizer. These can be consumed anytime of the day. It can be a great appetizer, a snacking option and may also serve as a side dish. It’s a sure shot hit with the kids. Samosas are generally made of boiled potatoes and peas, however many varieties have come into vogue. It has become very popular in the west as well. Many people substitute boil potatoes with meat stuffing. Stuffing can be changed according to taste and preference. If you wish to venture out more into samosa then you must definitely try the samosa chaat which is served with boiled chick peas and tamarind sauce and sprinkled with finely cut green chilies.


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    4. Chole Bhaturey

Chole bhaturey are not only delicious but also come with the goodness of chick peas. Chloe Bhaturey is one of the lip smacking, peppery, outlandish dishes from the Punjabi Cuisine which is a common feature in the entire of North India. Whether it is any street food vendor, restaurant or a wedding party you would definitely find Chole Bhaturey to be in their menu. Bhaturey is crispy puffed flat bread which is deep fired in oil. If you are fond of puri then you would definitely be able to relate to Bhaturey which is served with hot and spicy boiled chick peas which is often served with pickle onion and green chilies.

Chole Bhaturey

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    5. Chicken Tikka

If you are drooling for those barbequed roasted chicken chunks also known as chicken tikka then the nation’s capital Delhi will not disappoint you. The chicken tikkas are marinated in curd and all the tandoori spices and are left to roast in a tandoor. Once lightly roasted are then served with grilled vegetables like bell peppers and onions. The smoky chicken tikka are served with mint chutney and fresh salad. It works out to be a perfect appetizer and can be teamed with naan bread.

Chicken Tikka

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    6. Daal Makhani & Roti

Daal Makhani actually originated in Punjab when daal roti used to be the most sought after North Indian food for the farmer, as it would provide oodles of energy. Now days it is a delicacy and is much loved when topped with a dollop of butter. Daal Makhani is made of whole black lentils and red kidney beans and is cooked with cream, which makes it rich in calories. Dal makhani is best when eaten with naan or tandoori roti. If you happen to visit any Punjabi dhaba you would realize, that it’s indeed the top most dish out of all the North Indian food items and is ordered by almost everybody who visits the dhaba.

Daal Makhani & Roti

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    7. Gol Gappe

Gol Gappe popularly known as pani puri is one of the most desirable street item out of North India food. With its growing popularity there are different kinds of gol gappe available. Traditionally gol gappe are small crisp puri which is filled with spicy water known as pani. This pani is now available in various flavors such as sweet imli, jeera flavor and even mineral water pani. Apart from the spicy water, now days they are also filled with sweet curd and chickpeas and are served with sprinkled sev. If you have been to the streets or market places in North Indian then you must be quite familiar with Gop Gappe.

Gol Gappe

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Have you been to North India and not tried any of these? Well, make sure you complete the list of North Indian food next time!



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