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8 Hidden Lakes in India will Surely Leave you Enchanted!

The transport from the real (hustle and bustle) to the magical (placid and peaceful) is as charming as Harry Potter crashing into brick wall on platform 93/4. The hidden lakes of India retain an immense charm and is a beautiful getaway, perfect for love-smitten romantics, lovelorn poets searching for inspiration, or just overworked professionals looking for a break. Less physically inclined? There is the spiritual self to be nourished by visiting these awestruck hidden lakes.

  1. Tilyar Lake, Rohtak

A hop and a skip from Delhi, and you find yourself in the midst of a cool forest glen or at the doors of your heaven. Bird watching, fishing, soothing walks around the lake, are few takeaways from this perfect getaway. Fishing is allowed with minimum fee so, look forward to hone your skills. Tilyar zoo within the complex, that is situated 45 kms from Delhi border, will mesmerize you with beautiful birds. (Image Source:



Lakes in India

  1. Siliserh Lake, Aravalis

Situated amidst the beautiful Aravali hills, Siliserh Lake is the most peaceful and stunning Lake of Rajasthan. Boating and stay near this magnificent site is going to give you the most perfect outing, especially if you are heading towards Sariska Tiger Reserve later. You can spend days staring at the calm ripples on the water from the terrace of Siliserh Lake Palace, feeling the breeze blow through your air. An incredible vista indeed! (Image Source:



Lakes in India

  1. Vishansar Lake, Kashmir

Nichnai pass descends to the beautiful Vishansar Lake in the ‘land of paradise’. Perfect sight to rediscover the glorious feeling of well-being that Vishansar Lake never fails to give you. 1 km long lake gets freezing cold in winters and accentuates the beauty of lush green grasslands in summers. Fishing all day long and camping across the lake at night, no one can ask for a better paradise. (Image Source:



Lakes in India

  1. Loktak Lake, Manipur

Largest freshwater lake with floating phumdis is the only floating lake. A getaway in a very real sense. When you witness the breathtaking view, you achieve the ultimate escape from all the things that you want to get away from in a metropolis- crowds, traffic, pollution, decibels, treadmill pace, and routine. Life ain’t that mundane anymore! Lohtak Lake also adds to the livelihood of fishermen as well as to the hydropower generation in Manipur.


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  1. Tso Moriri, Ladakh

Being the high altitude alpine lake, Tso Moriri is quite famous for views of cranes, geese, grebe, and many migratory birds, amongst ardent bird watchers. Azure of a blue crystal of lake, set amid gorgeous hills, make it easy to believe you’re in heaven on earth. If you get to have a glimpse of the full moon reflected in the shimmering lake, that itself would be a sip of nirvana. None can match the flavor and charm of Tso Moriri Lake. Switch off your cell phone. Detox! (Image Source:



Lakes in India

  1. Gadsar Lake, Kashmir

Experiencing Gadsar Lake is easy with your eyes closed. Just breathe in deep the greenery-scented air, and then open your eyes and feast on the sight of the lake meandering in mesmerizing Kashmir. It is loveliest of the lakes, a beautiful blue expanse of water cradled in a bowl of terraced, green hills and alpine meadows with wild n free alpine flowers. At an altitude of 3600 meters, this lake of flowers flows in Ganderbal district. When translated, Gadsar means lake of fishes as it serves as a natural habitat for them.



Lakes in India

  1. Durgam Cheruvu, Telangana

Spread over an area of 63 acres, Durgam Cheruvu was kept a secret for many years. This secret lake is stunningly place amidst the hills of the Deccan Plateau. If it is a slice of the sky, a heavenly lake that you are looking for… has arrived. Not at all over-visited. It is all uncharted and for you to discover. Take a stroll along the lake- it’s therapeutic! (Image Source:



Lakes in India

  1. Khecheopalri Lake, Sikkim

Blessed by god and goddess, this wish fulfilling lake is situated at height of 6000 ft. Surrounded by Khecheopalri Monastery and caves, this lake is pretty enjoyable for purposes of calming yourself or having adventure-filled trekking. Spend some time here and you will find yourself far more refreshed and energetic. (Image Source:



Lakes in India

As the breathtaking beauty surrounds you, you lose yourself to the perfect destination. So how thrilled are you for the getaways in these paradises. If you have witnessed a perfect setting at some other hidden lake that had similar virginal feel, do share in the comments below to let your amigos have the imaginative delight.



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