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5 most dangerous, yet amazing Indian highways which will give chills!

It’s very rightly said, that if you wish to discover a destination then the best way to do is either by foot or by road. Truly, if you get a chance to travel in a two wheeler, you would be astonished to see the vivid topography Earth is blessed with. Having said that, nevertheless, there are some Indian Highways which justify being called one of the most deadly Indian highways, and often come with a health and safety warning . Below are the 5 top most dangerous, yet amazing Indian Highways. If you want to experience thrill then definitely take the plunge, you would be surprised to discover the natural beauty these destinations are bless with

  1. Ladakh and Kashmir

Every adventurous enthusiast must be well aware of Ladakh, which is truly heaven on Earth, however in order to reach to this beautiful destination one needs to brave it through. Never the less there are easier ways to reach Ladakh such as taking a direct flight or railways, however you would miss out on the adventure ride. If you wish to discover the dare devil in you then dare to take the route from Manali via Ladakh, considered as one of the most challenging Indian Highways.

Just speed up your motorbike and head to the Khardung La which is the highest motor-able road among all the Indian Highways. It encompasses high mountains on one side and deep valleys on the other. Apart from the adventurous ride you would be treated by the magnificent views of the Zanskar River which passes through the Zanskar valley, the views of the Buddhist Monasteries of Lamayuru are definitely astounding. The gorgeous sand dunes of the Nubra valley will leave your spell bound. How can one miss the Pangong Tso and the heaven on Earth Srinagar? The high altitude can make you feel dizzy and cause mountain sickness.

manali via ladakh

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  1. Spiti Valley

The Spiti valley route is yet another heart wrenching route which would test your adrenaline levels. The beautiful Spiti valley located in Himachal Pradesh is no doubt abundant in natural beauty and magnificent landscape, nevertheless the route via the Hindustan Tibet leads to the highest destinations on the world would call the adventurist in you. Apart from diminishing oxygen levels, one need to have excellent driving skills as the narrow roads built across high mountains will definitely put your driving skills at test. Due to its topography the While Kaza, Tabo, Spiti and Pin valley depict spell-bound silence and portrait a inhabitant world, which has a ghastly look especially during the nighttime. This heart wrenching experience indeed has a lot stored for, from the sparking waters of Satluj River to snow covered mountains and lush green vegetation is worth an experience.

Indian highways
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  1. Zoji la Pass

If you are looking to test your driving skills and courage then it’s a must, to take an adventure trail to Zoji La Pass, which is at an altitude of 3,538 mt above sea level. This makes it one of the most treacherous mountain pass in the world. Not only the terrain is rough but also the high altitude makes it difficult to breath. The pass is very strategically located to the Srinagar-Leh Highway and is bound to portray one of the most picturesque views of nature. It is not advisable to take this journey during winters as it is not accessible due to heavy snow fall. Even during the monsoon months, due to heavy rainfall it’s indeed a challenge to drive through muddy roads. There is a danger of wheel skidding and tripping, therefore it is advisable to make use of special winter tires or chained wheels to avoid skidding. There have been many instances of landslides during rainy season which have caused causalities in the past.

Zoji la Pass
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  1. Rohtang Pass

You must be surprised to see Rohtang Pass on this list; however it’s true that Rohtang pass is indeed one of the riskiest passes & amazing Indian Highways, during winter season. It is not only located at a high altitude of 3,979 mt above sea level but also becomes very cold and loaded with ice and snow during the winters. This is one of the reasons why Rohtang pass remains closed from November till end of April. The Leh –Manali Highway if the actual route which takes us to the Rohtang pass which is 53 kms from Manali. The pass is very significant as it connects they Kullu Valley to the other valley in the Himachal Pradesh. The literal meaning of Rohtang which means the ‘Ground of Corpses’ itself signifies a places full of perils. The road is full of slush when it rains due to the accumulated ice and snow during the winter season which makes it low in friction and very prone to accidents. There are also a lot of instances of landslide and thunder storms, which makes it even more hostile.

Rohtang Pass

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  1. Nathu La Pass:

Nathula Pass is one of the most important passes and picturesque Indian highways for Eastern India as it serves as an important trade link for India and China. It is located in Sikkim at the border. It connects India and China and is indeed one of the riskiest motorable passes especially during winters. It is located at an altitude of 14,140 ft which makes it a real test of driving skills. Literally nathu means “Listening ears”. The Nathula pass is one of the famous Indian highways as it marked by Indo China border with gates at both sides. There are couples of other things such as a war memorial and the military exhibition centers which are visited by tourist. In order to reach the actual border one needs to drive pass the nathula pass which is full of dangers during rainy season and during winters.

Nathu La Pass

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