101 Things To Do In Rajasthan

Rajasthan, also regarded as the “Land of Kings” is the largest state in India in terms of area. Located on the North West side of the country, most of its area is covered by the Great Indian Desert – Thar Desert. Bordering Pakistan, this state consists of 10.4% of India’s geographic area. This state experiences extreme weather conditions. During summers, Rajasthan is extremely warm and dry, and the state faces Loo winds. During winters, the nights are extremely cold and temperatures dip to 10 degrees.

Hinduism is mainly practiced in the region with more than 85% of the population being Hindu. Rajasthani population mainly consists of Marwaris. The most spoken language in the state is Rajasthani, followed by Hindi and English. Being an agrarian economy, the population majorly thrives on income from agricultural activities. Tourism is a booming business too.

Rajasthan has witnessed great history and civilization. The Indus valley civilization, the oldest one in the world had originated on these lands, which is now called Rajasthan. From Muslim rulers to princely Kings, Rajasthan has been a state, which was always governed by a royal family. It is an extremely tourist friendly state with more than 9 % of tourists visiting the country arriving here.

101 things to do in Rajasthan are:

1. Rickshaw Rides

Travel all around Rajasthan in traditional Rickshaws. It is an experience in itself to sit in one of these.

2. Try Rajasthani cuisine at Spice Paradise

Located at Jodhpur, Spice Paradise is a restaurant, which offers authentic Rajasthani thali at affordable prices. So go try some of that Bajre Ki Roti on your trip.

3. Stunning architecture at Meherangarh Fort

Meherangarh fort, which is situated at Jodhpur, is breathtaking in terms of size and architecture. The structure has a fine balance of tall intimidating walls on the outside and delicate architecture on the inside.

4. Seek blessings at Jain Temple

Located at Ranakpur, the Jain Temple is a stunning example of the religious side of Udaipur. One must visit it to witness the marvelous architecture and the peace the temple provides. It has 1444 pillars and exquisite marble carvings.

5. Flying Fox adventure activity

Right outside Meherangarh fort in Jodhpur, one can perform this zip lining adventure activity. The zip lining tour is offered in six different types around the fort.

6. Sound and light show at Amer Fort

Amer fort, which is in Jaipur, has an amazing sound and light show in the evening. The fort, which was built as early as around the 1700s, has some remarkable architecture to relish.

7. Architectural delight at Dilwara Temple

Situated at Mount Abu, Dilwara Temple is a treat for those who appreciate architecture. There are some remarkable marble carvings for all to witness.

8. Adventure activities at Neemrana

Neemrana at Alwar offers a wide array of adventure activities. One can spend some good quality family time at this facility. It was the first one to start with zip line tours.

9. Visit the Hall of Mirrors

The Sheesh Mahal located at Amer fort is a sight, which leaves tourists spell bound. A wide array of mirrors placed on not only walls and ceilings, but also all across the hall.

10. Visit to a World Heritage Site

Jantar Mantar located in the capital city of Jaipur has been regarded as a World Heritage Site. One can have an educational visit with their family to this marvelous structure. The sundial is one of the most visited parts of this observatory.

11. Puppet shows at Bagore Ki Haweli

Situated at Udaipur, Bagore Ki Haweli lights up every evening for puppet shows and traditional dances. One can have a great time with family and friends at this place.

12. Watch a Movie at Raj Mandir

Raj Mandir Cinema, one of the oldest ones in the country, has been regarded as the best place to watch a movie. With an ambience worth every penny, it has old-style architecture, which gives the place an arty feel.

13. Try authentic coffee at Jawahar Kala Kendra

Jawahar Kala Kendra at Jaipur has one of the best coffee houses in Rajasthan. If you have a penchant for coffee, the coffee house offers the best, and one of the cheapest beverages in the city.

14. Witness Rajasthan folk dance at Bharatiya Lok Kala Mandal

Rajasthani folk dance, which incorporates elements like balancing pots on the head, can be best witnessed at Bharatiya Lok Kala Mandal at Udaipur. It is extremely enjoyable for kids and women.

15. Shop at Little Armani

A custom tailoring shop located at Udaipur, the tailors at Little Armani can create the best-customized clothing in the city. Therefore, if you want well fitting kurta pyjama or shirts, Little Armani is the place to visit.

16. Shop for Wooden products

Lola Art Exports at Jodhpur are one of the biggest exporters of wooden products. One must shop for products like wooden artifacts of animals for family back home.

17. Purchase Durry

Durry is a type of carpet, which is unique to this state. This is a 300-year-old art, in which Rajasthanis specialize. They use natural colors created out of flowers and vegetables to create these carpets. They are often used for decorational purposes in a house.

18. Jewelry shopping at Jaisalmer

Known for its jewelry markets, one can explore the streets of Jaisalmer to hunt for junk jewelry, which is authentic in nature. There are several silver and gold jewelry stores too.

19. Visit a Dhonk store

Dhonk, a local NGO provides support to families of poachers. This move has been taken for protection of wildlife. Dhonk stores offer authentic kurtis, bags, etc., which cannot be found at any other stores in the country.

20. See royal guards

City Palaces like the one in Udaipur have several security personnel dressed in royal attires. This highlights the history of the city, and one can witness the rich culture and heritage at the same time.

21. Sunset at Jaisalmer Fort

Put on your comfortable walking shoes and head to the Jaisalmer Fort. The buildings have interesting stories to listen to, and the setting sun looks extremely beautiful over here.

22. Yoga session at Pushkar

Indulge in some relaxation via a Yogic session at Pushkar Yoga Garden. They offer a 6-day training session for the same.

23. Bird spotting at Bharatpur

Nature lovers can visit the Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary at Bharatpur to look at some rare birds like the Siberian ones. They can be spotted in the months of March and September.

24. Visit to Bikaner Fort

Another point of interest at Rajasthan, the Bikaner Fort offers great cultural and traditional architecture. A must visit for architectural lovers.

25. Bhujia at Bikaner

The specialty of an eatable is in its place of origin. Bikaner is extremely famous for its Bhujia and it is a must try on one’s visit to the city.

26. Family Time at a Water Park

Go splash some water and have lots of fun with your family at Pink Perl Water Park. Enjoy on water slides and in the wave pool with your kids.

27. Elephant Rides for your kids

Let your kids enjoy an Elephant back ride outside Amer Fort in Jaipur. These elephants are traditionally covered in tresses to give it a rich cultural feel

28. Try Rajasthani cuisine at Choki Dhani

One of the most visited places in Jaipur; Choki Dhani offers the best Rajasthani food in Rajasthan. Moreover, the ambience too is extremely authentic and different.

29. Romantic evening with your loved one

Sand Sam Dunes at Thar Desert in Jaisalmer offer exclusive packages for couples to spend nights at a caravan. One can also ask for packages, which include stay facility in a tent.

30. Try delectable mughlai cuisine

Niros restaurant in Jaipur offers mouth-watering veg and non-veg mughlai food at reasonable rates. So take your family and friends and treat your taste buds to some exceptional food.

31. High tea at Ramgarh Lodge

Situated near Ramgarh Lake, Ramgarh lodge is a hotel from the Taj group. It offers amazing high tea packages along with an option of a boat ride.

32. Visit Anokhi Hand Printing Museum

A textile museum dedicated to the art of hand block printing, Anokhi museum located at Amer is one of its kind. It has been restored by UNESCO and is a treat for shoppers.

33. Purchase fluorescent colored textile

Sanganer town in Jaipur is famous for fluorescent colored textile. One can purchase hand block printing clothes for their family and loved ones back home.

34. Purchase jewelry to support kids

One can visit the Ladli vocational training centre at Jaipur where rescued street children make jewelry. On your trip, you cannot do anything nobler than this.

35. Candlelight dinner with your better half

What could be better than surprising your better half with a candlelight dinner? Visit Umed Bhavan Palace in Jodhpur and make your loved one feel special.

36. Boating at Pichhola Lake

Picchola Lake situated at Udaipur is one of the most beautiful lakes in Rajasthan. One can indulge in a fun family day by treating oneself to boating.

37. Play with Monkeys

Galta Gorge at Jaipur is the only place where you will find monkeys bathing in a pool. It is a religious place, which has a temple and a common bath.

38. Visit to Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary

A world heritage site, Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary situated at Bharatpur is a treat for photographers. It has more than 350 species of birds to offer.

39. Visit to the Palace of Winds

One cannot miss a trip to Hawa Mahal when they are in Rajasthan. Located at Badi Chaupher, it is one of the most beautiful architectural structures in Rajasthan. Moreover, it has the best market for bangles too.

40. Visit Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve

When you visit Ranthambhore, do visit the tiger reserve with your family. It is one of the rare opportunities to come face to face with tigers. They have some rare species, which cannot be seen anywhere else in Asia.

41. Royal ride with Family

One can book themselves on one of the royal rides like Palace on Wheels or Orient Express and travel like a Maharaja. Your kids can feel like young Princes and Princesses, as they travel through the princely state of Rajasthan.

42. A dinner on water

The Lake Palace at Udaipur can make your trip extremely romantic. You can hire a boat along with a dinner-included package, and sail away with your loved one for an evening of quiet and romance.

43. Celebrate the festival of lights

Diwali or Deepavali is celebrated with great joy all over the state. One must participate with the locals in some singing and dancing and a lot of fireworks. Since the major population is Hindu, this is one of the biggest festivals in the state.

44. Literature feast at the Royal Castle

The royal castle is located on the Jaipur-Agra highway and consists of a library, which has gold work. It is a delight for literature lovers, as it consists of more than 10,000 rare books and manuscripts.

45. Street Shopping at Shilpgram

Shilpgram at Udaipur is a treat for women who love cheap shopping. This flea market offers everything from handicrafts to garments at cheap rates. One must visit it with their best bargaining skills.

46. Learn Solah Shringar

On their trip to Jaipur, one can learn Solah Shringar, which is an Indian technique of beautifying the body. Instructors teach you 16 ways of doing so. An ancient art, which is extremely effective.

47. Participate in the Shekhawati Festival

One must visit Rajasthan in the month of February and participate in the Shekhavati festival. On a day tour, one can take camel rides, rural games, jeep safaris etc. There are firework shows at nights too.

48. Parasailing and Ballooning events

Cities like Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur and Pushkar host annual Parasailing and Ballooning events each year. One can visit them with their families and participate in these fun adventure activities.

49. Shopping at Jaisalmer Art Palace

Another place where husbands can let their wives be themselves; Jaisalmer Art Palace has shops full of traditional textiles, antiques and souvenirs.

50. Shop for Spices

Stores like Maharani Spices located at Udaipur offer the best spices in Rajasthan. Shop extensively for your family and friends back home.

51. See an artificial lake

Lake Fatehsagar at Udaipur is one of the two artificial lakes in Rajasthan. One can take walks around it or take a boat ride through it. There are many fast food stalls around the lake too.

52. See some cave paintings

One can visit Bundi to see some tiny caves, which have some mesmerizing paintings. They date back several hundreds of years ago and carry impressions of the great Rajasthani culture.

53. Check out the Sea Shell Museum

If you love collecting seashells then Alice Garg National Seashell Museum is the place to be. Situated at Jaipur, the facility has more than 3000 seashells on display for patrons.

54. Seek blessings at Birla Mandir

Located at Jaipur, the Birla Mandir Temple also known as the Laxmi Narayan Mandir is one of the highly visited temples by the Hindu community. The carvings on the white marbles are quite fascinating.

55. Sunset at Bada Bagh

Take your better half to Bada Bagh at Jaisalmer to witness the setting sun. It is one of the most beautiful sights as the rays of the sun due to the architecture of the building produce a golden glow.

56. Try Dal Bhati Churma

A specialty of Rajasthani cuisine, Dal Bhati Churma is a foodie’s delight. The dish is available at any restaurant and Rajasthanis take a lot of pride in serving it to tourists.

57. Pray with Monkeys

Another amazing thing to try at Rajasthan, Galwar Bagh at Jaipur is also regarded as Monkey temple,as one is flocked by the primates on their trip there. One can feed them and play with them, as they are extremely friendly in nature.

58. Taste Camel Milk and Ice Cream

The National Research Centre on Camel at Bikaner has an excellent facility where they breed camels. It is one of the only places where one can see baby camels and taste pasteurized camel milk and ice cream.

59. An evening by the lake

When you visit Mount Abu don’t forget to visit Nakki Lake. One can indulge in boating and try the local ice cream, which is not worth missing.

60. Vintage Car Museum for Automobile Lovers

If you love the sound of an engine and have always been fascinated by vintage cars then you should head to the Vintage Car Museum at Udaipur. This is the personal collection of His Highness the Maharaja of Udaipur and is open to public viewing.

61. Hiking at Mount Abu

A must visit for adventure lovers; Mount Abu offers several natural hiking trails. One can just pack their bags and head to one of the trails where there are friendly trainers one can hire.

62. Visit to the Rat Temple

As bizarre as it sounds, Karni Mata Temple at Bikaner is home to several thousands of rats. Tourists have to walk bare foot to offer prayers. If one is not scared of rats and their droppings, then one can try looking for one of the two white mice in the temple, which is considered good luck.

63. Visit Ajmer Dargah Sharif

One of the most important Muslim shrines in India, Dargah Sharif houses the tomb of the great Sufi saint Hazrat Mu’in ud-Din Chisti. It is flocked by pilgrims all over the year and is a must visit to witness Muslim culture.

64. Experience Local Rajasthani Culture on a Street

A simple walk on Ganhi Chowk Street in Jaisalmer can provide one with different shades of Rajasthan. Simply observe locals perform their day-to-day activities and earn their livelihood, and it will win your heart.

65. Cable Car Ride at Udaipur

Visit this place around the time of sunset and you will see one of the best sights on your trip. This cable car ride provides you a bird’s eye view of the entire city.

66. Visit the clock tower at Jodhpur

If you visit Jodhpur, then do stopover at the clock tower. It also has a flea market around the tower, which has many vendors selling their goods.

67. Deer Spotting

Visit the Tal Chappar sanctuary at Nokha to witness rare breeds of deers like black bucks. The sanctuary also has various breeds of birds.

68. Visit the mysterious village

Kuldhara Abandoned Village at Jaisalmer is one such place where there are no residents. There are several theories around why this village was deserted. The place has several fountains and buildings to offer its tourists.

69. Romantic Walk at Garden of the Maidens

One of the most romantic spots at Udaipur, Sahelion Ki Bari has a well-constructed pavement for walks. So take your better half to the Garden of the Maidens and spend some quality time.

70. Camel Safari for Kids at Bikaner

Take your kids for a fun camel safari at Bikaner. A section of the Thar Desert offers large sand dunes and a lot of enjoyment for your family.

71. Family time at an Amusement Park

Situated at Ranthambhore, the wild dragon amusement park offers several activities like Zorbing, ATV rides, horror house, etc. A complete day of fun and excitement can be spent here with family.

72. Visit to Umaid Bhavan Palace

Situated at Jodhpur, Umaid Bhavan Palace has several antique things to offer its visitors. These items include chinaware, antique clothes and other home decoration goods.

73. Wildlife Safari with Family

Visit Sariska Wildlife Reserve at Alwar and one can hire a jeep at a minimum cost of Rs. 250. The reserve has animals like tigers in its jungles, and this can be best enjoyed during monsoons.

74. Treat yourself to a relaxing Spa

Beat your tiredness by treating yourself to a relaxing spa treatment at the O Thai Spa in Jaipur. They offer great ambience and an extremely well trained staff to take care of your needs.

75. Try Rajasthani Seero

A sweet dish made out of milk, sugar and other ingredients, Seero is a must try on your visit to Rajasthan. It is easy available anywhere and one can have it along with Vanilla ice cream to make it more enjoyable.

76. Try Laapsi

Another Rajasthani sweet dish, Laapsi is available at most restaurants in the state. Laapsi is made up of wheat, jaggery, coconut, cinnamon, cloves, raisins, etc.

77. Taste Mohan Maans

Another dish unique to Rajasthan, Mohan Maans is meat cooked in milk. It has an extremely different taste and one must try this at restaurants in Udaipur.

78. Birds eye view of Jaipur

Visit the Swargasuli Tower and climb right on top for a breath taking sight. The tower offers a bird’s eye view of the pink city.

79. Splurge at the Rajasthan Shopping Festival

A shopper’s delight, the Rajasthan shopping festival takes place in the months of October and November. Major cities like Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, etc always participate in this.

80. Visit a Military Base

Khaba Fort at Jaisalmer is one of the oldest military bases in Rajasthan. It is a beautiful, well-fortified fort. The entry fee for the same is a bare minimum of Rs. 10.

81. A day trip to a crafts village

Tilona, a village located near Jaipur is entirely dedicated to different arts and crafts. One can find several local villagers engaged in their daily activities. An annual arts and crafts fair is also held each year in this village.

82. Stay at Heritage Resorts

Located at the top of Baghela Hill, heritage resorts follows a green design approach and has manicured gardens and waterfalls.

83. A date at a rooftop restaurant

Take your loved one to Clark Hotel, Amer to the rooftop restaurant. It is the tallest hotel in Jaipur and offers a spectualar birds-eye view of the pink city.

84. Golfing at Grassfield

Club Grassfield in Jaipur is one of the premier golfing clubs in Rajasthan. Visit this 30000 square yard facility, as it not only offers golf but other sports like squash, badminton and billiards too.

85. Night wildlife safari with family

Jalore Wildlife Sanctuary offers specialized tours in cars like Jeep under moonlight. One can visit the sanctuary with family and witness some endangered species, which cannot be found anywhere else.

86. Walk at Rajiv Gandhi Park

Built in the memory of the late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, the park is one of the most scenic gardens in the Udaipur. Take your family for a fun walk and you will not regret it.

87. Tea tasting at Jodhpur

Visit a tea ceremony at one of the palaces in Jodhpur and become a tea taster. Get the opportunity to taste different kinds of teas prepared in different parts of India.

88. Try South Indian Cuisine

One should try South Indian Food at Dasaprakash. Its restaurants are spread all over south Rajasthan. It serves food in its own unique manner by adding spices and herbs.

89. Seek blessings at the Brahma Temple

Brahma Temple situated at Pushkar is one of the most peaceful holy places in the city. One can seek blessings from the Monks who stay there. Pilgrims from all over India visit this holy shrine.

90. Shop at Jai Shankar Handicrafts

Another place for women to splurge at, Jai Shakar Handicrafts at Jaisalmer offer the best in Thar Desert Antique Embroidery and Textiles. The shop specializes in wedding dresses and custom one-of-a-kind designs.

91. Shop for quality leather

Rajasthan Leather Handicrafts situated in Jaipur offers a wide range of products crafted out of leather. They specialize in products made out of Camel leather. Wallets, Belts, Purses, etc. are purchased in high numbers by tourists.

92. Photography at Barmer

If you love photography and like your lens to speak about your trip, then the Rajasthani village of Barmer is the place to visit. Scenic beauty in terms of mountains, deserts and the village setting are a dream for any photographer.

93. Seek blessings at Shreenathji

Another place flocked by Hindu pilgrims all around the year, the famous temple of Shreenathji is situated at a small town called Nathdwara near Udaipur. People follow the ritual of eight darshans per day.

94. Celebrate the festival of Holi

The festival of colors “Holi” is celebrated with great gusto in the small town of Ahore. All residents come alive and celebrate the festival on the streets. One must visit this town to celebrate the festival, the local way.

95. Hangout with Teens

If you have kids who are teenagers, then Gaurav Tower at Jaipur is a must visit. Around evening, the place is thronged by teenagers who hangout at popular fast food joints like McDonalds in the locality.

96. Stay at the mysterious Fort Chanwa

Fort Chanwa at Luni is a mysterious place to stay in. Therefore, if you love adventure and exploration then do stay at the fort, which has several hidden passages, pavilions and terraces.

97. See the world’s largest cannon

Jaigarh Fort in Jaipur is the house of the largest cannon in the world. Also known as the ‘Fort of Victory’, it was built by Sawai Jai Singh.

98. Watch cricket at Sawai Mansingh Stadium

Home of the Rajasthan Royals IPL team, one can visit the stadium to witness some nail biting cricket matches. Stadium is situated in Jaipur and hosts IPL games in summers.

99. Meet and interact with tribals

When you visit Jodhpur, do scout places where you could meet tribals. The city has several cults of Bishnoi tribes living. They are known for their love and affection towards animals.

100. Dine amidst hunting gear

Rohet Garh has a unique restaurant, wherein customers dine at an ambience consisting of hunting equipment. Their gear includes swords, spears, rifles, shields and trophies. This is a tribute to the several wars fought in Rajasthan.

101. Participate in the Desert Festival

The desert festival, which takes place each year at Sam Sand Dunes in Thar Desert, offers several novel things to visitors. From camel rides to traditional dances and folk songs, one can experience Rajasthani culture at its best.



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