Romantic Places In India

7 Most Romantic Places in India to Fall in Love with!

When two people are in love, everything around them and between them is romanticized, a nice and romantic places adds more flavour to the whole feeling and adds beauty to the pictures which are cherished the entire life. On the other hand, a romantic place can do its magic on people and is capable of enabling people to lend themselves to the beauty of the place and just embrace love. Here’s a list of a few places which I would recommend you to go for to ease yourself out of your busy calendars.

1. Sizzling Shimla:

No matter which part of the India you belong to, Shimla always has something different to offer to everyone. It never disappoints the people who go there, they get lost in the beauty of the hills and the greenery of Shimla. As soon as you hit Shimla, get yourselves parked in a hotel there. In the evening, take a walk at mall road for a spot of cafes, restaurants and local shopping. You can visit the Ridge which offers spectacular views of the hills, Chadwick Falls, Elysium Hill, the Dorje Drag Monastery, Christ Church & St. Michael’s Cathedral, and temples such as Jakhoo, Sankat Mochan and Tara Devi.


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2. Taj Mahal, Agra:

The most beautiful and the talked about epitome of love and also enlisted as the wonder of the world, Taj Mahal has some magic about it. The moment you visit this place, love takes over you. The ideal time to visit Taj Mahal is a full moon day when the symbol of love shines in the beautiful full moon’s light. The sight is just breath taking and one can spend hours by just looking at Taj Mahal and adore its beauty. Don’t miss onto the famous ‘Petha’ sweets for yourself and a treat for your loved ones back home.


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3. Lovely Lonavala

This one is especially for workaholic people in Mumbai, Pune and neighbouring cities; whenever you are too tired of boring office routine and you have to get out of the monotonous cycle anyhow, Lonavala is the place to be at. Just pick a few set of clothes, your car and don’t miss your beloved. Get a room booked on the way and spend some quality time with yourself and your partner. Tiger point, Lohagad fort add excitement to your trip and also good photographs. If you are an evident follower of ‘Big Boss’, a visit to the Big Boss house is a must.

Romantic Places in India

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4. Dazzling Darjeeling

The ‘Queen of Hills’, nestled among the rolling mountains with the radiating Mt Kanchenjunga towering over the blue sky, provides a perfect gateway for those seeking to be in harmony with their beloved and the bounty of nature. The land of the muscatel flavoured Darjeeling tea which is loved by connoisseurs across the globe. Indulge yourselves in the beauty of unique flowers and get into the peek-a-boo game with your better half and relive your energetic days. Don’t miss onto the six T’s of Darjeeling -Tea, Teak, Tourism, Toy Train, Tiger Hill and Trekkers’ paradise.

Romantic Places in India

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5. Unmatchable Udaipur

The city of lakes and known as the Venice of the East, gets you into the romantic zone with its beautiful and magnificent lakes and majestic Aravalli hills just when you arrive in Udaipur. A stay at Lake Palace Hotel that is a floating sight of white marble and opulence can added charm to your trip, especially spectacular is the night scene, where the yellow lights sets the lake below ablaze with its golden reflection. It is a treat to the eyes.

Romantic Places in India

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6. Wonderful Wayanad

Situated amongst hills adorned with mushrooms of trees, Wayanad does justice to the word to your plan of spending time in Wayanad. Down south, Wayanad is one of the prominent romantic places in India. A place that is not so discovered by the crowd, head here with your loved one. Immerse yourself in the wild forests, sub-tropical savannahs, lofty hills and sprawling plantations. Stay at a resort, book yourself a hut, made out of mud, the hutments which will give you an experience of being one with nature.


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7. Khajjiar

A rare combination of lake, pasture and forest, the best entertainment in Khajjiar is to walk around the lake or to go for long walks in the thick pine forests. Khajjiar is one of the best romantic places in India. Horse riding around the lake and through the forests should not be missed. Khajjiar is a dream destination for many and a perfect place to be with your partner. Offering a feel of the country side, take a horse ride together on the green pastures and treat your taste buds at the many fast food eateries.


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So, what are you waiting for? Pick up the calendar, encircle long weekends or manageable holidays and just reach out to the place that you liked the most. It awaits you to give you a whole new experience and lots of memories.



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