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7 mesmerizing lakes in magical landscapes!

Crystal clear beauties, reflecting the sunshine and relishing its ripples. These blue expanses mesmerize us and keep the worries at bay while keeping us close to its magic. With the power of turning your vacations into something truly exotic and truly splendorous, these enchanting lakes also have a story to play. Vacations to these lakes will definitely let you live the magic, rekindle the romance with your partner as you enthrall yourself at the mesmerizing edifice. ‘Keep calm, soothe frayed nerves, and go back rejuvenated…

  1. Tam Dil, Mizoram

Long beauty, is one of the beautiful lakes in north-eastern, also known as lake of mustard. With offerings such as camping, fishing, bonfire, or being an amazing picnic spot, Tam Dil steals Dil of many tourists. Located close to a famous town in Mizoram, Kolasib this lake is tucked enormous green trees. The lake is epitome of tranquility. The inviting cool and clear water will be hard to resist the temptation to heed to its call.  Many tales of its origin are heard by the folks of nearby towns.

tam dil

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  1. Chilka Lake, Orissa

Being Asia’s largest salt-water lagoon and amongst the largest coastal lakes of India, Chilka Lake also known as Swiss Lake flows brackish water. Being the queen of modern scenery, it attracts tourists for fishing boats, entertaining baba and beautiful sight of migratory birds. It’s a special sight to be seen by every ardent traveler.

Chilka Lake_Flickr

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  1. Ice-capades at Pangong Lake

Grab a unique opportunity to see Pangong Lake frozen over, in the month of January. At an altitude of 4,350m, this majestic lake offers one the chance to see nature’s diversity- from a colorful lake in the summer, it turns barren come winter. The extraordinary texture created on the lake’s surface is magnificent. It’s a pleasure to locate this jewel amidst barren landscape of Leh.

Pangong Lake_Flickr

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  1. Changu Lake (Tsongmo), Sikkim 

Mist laden hills, barren landscape and right amount of sunshine shining over a paradise. This heavenly description takes us to the most hospitable city of Sikkim and its beautiful lake. As you direct towards Nathu La Pass on India-China border, you get to witness one of the most amazing akes in India and that is Changu Lake, also known as Tsongmo. Amidst the beautiful White Mountains, one can get photographed with the yaks for souvenirs. Awe-inspiring and spectacularly captivating lake, is truly magnificent.

changu lake

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  1. Palak Lake, Mizoram

Flowing silently between the mountains and dense, dark green forests, is Palak Lake or Pala Tipo. Located in the south of Mizoram, this lake is a source of meditation and hypnotism to its tourists. Palak Lake, situated near Phura village, looks like a beautiful piece of jade. This is one of the most mesmerizing scenic beauty for any tourist.

Palak lake in October 2005

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  1. Nigeen Lake, Srinagar

A mildly eutrophic lake is even more beautiful and calming than the famous Dal Lake of Srinagar. Situated to the west of Dal Lake, Nigeen Lake offers serene view of Himalayas to its tourists. Birds like waterfowls and kingfishers pay a visit to this art of tranquility. Tourists enjoy their rides on the houseboats that move across the banks of Nigeen while showing the view of pleasant green gardens.

Nigeen Lake

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  1. Lohtak Lake, Manipur 

It’s heavenly to witness this beauty amidst quiet and distant location. Breathtaking landscape offers calm and pleasant feel to the eyes of a beholder. Phumdis, floating islands add to the beauty of this unaltered water body. These phumdis are never stationary, they are always changing shape and location throughout the year. So hypnotic, so clear, it’s magical. P.S Pictures are not photo shopped.

lohtak lake

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Nature’s doorstep is now open to you. Feel the beauty, revel in tranquility and explore the unexplored. If you have been to any of these or except these lakes then share your unique experience. Traveler must guide others to veer towards the right beauty!



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