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5 Most famous Indian Thalis offering a scrumptious meal!

India is famous for it rich culture and its diversity, this is most evident in its cuisines and food. If you truly wish to experience the diversity in food, our country possess then you must definitely indulge in the various thali which are served in restaurants. If you have little knowledge about a particular area and wish to discover their food, then the safest bet is to order a set thali. A thali is designed, keeping in mind, the nutrient and the taste without disturbing its authenticity. You would be amazed to see the right blend of sweetness and spiciness which is a part of the magnificent thali

Following are few of the thalis which are quite famous in India

1. Gujarati thali

A customary Gujarati thali comprise of Undhiyu which is a traditional distinct Gujrati vegetarian combination entailing of a blend of various seasonal vegetables, dal which is lentil ,kadi is a distinct type of savory dish made out of gram flour and sour yogurt with an amalgamation of seasonal vegetables, Rice ,kathol, roti  is made available with desi ghee, Thepla, which is a very special part of the Gujarati cuisine is served with the thali, ,especially for snacking, another tempting ingredient which embellishes the Gujrati thali is farsan ,a Gujrati snack ,known as a savory dish eaten along with chappati, Salad ,pickle and lassi. Various kind of desserts are served ,typically prepared out of milk and desi ghee.

gujrati thali

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2. Marwadi Thali 

With more than 15 items on your thali, the marwadi Thali definitely is an out of the world dining experience. You would be surprised to see how, they mix and math various ingredients to form a complete thali. Marwadi food is traditionally eaten in Rajasthan where there is dearth of water therefore they normally use a lot of milk and butter in their cooking. A traditional marwadi thali consist of dal baati and churma. Baati are a form of dough balls filled with ghee which are roasted in open fire and is eaten with dal. Kher sangria vegetable is said to be the signature dish and is gerally eaten with bajra khichiri and gaate ki sabji.The Marwari food is on a spicy side and you would see a lot of pickles and chutneys. Ghewar and moong daal halwa is generally served as dessert. Any Marwari thali is incomplete with the famous kadi which is loaded with fried pakoras.

malwadi thali

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3. Punjabi thali

Who is not aware of Punjabi food and what better, when you get everything all together at one place? If you are looking for something like this, then you must definitely venture in a Punjabi thali. A typical Punjabi veg  thali consist of palak paneer or sarso saag which is traditionally served with makki ki roti, meaning a flat bread made of corn meal. Other than that, the very famous chole bhatture also is featured in the punjabi thali. Punjabis are famous for having loads of butter which is evident in their dal makhani, shahi paneer  and alloo ka parantha .A bowl of fresh curd mixes very well with jeera rice and mango pickle. As far as sweet is concerned ,the Punjabi this generally comes with mangoe  kulfi or gulab jamun .Last but not the least in order to foster digestion do not forget to glug on your buttermilk lassi.

punjabi thali

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4. South Indian thali

It is said that south Indian food is supposed to be the healthiest of all as most of the stuff is steamed. Some of the examples of steamed food are indeed the idli and steamed rice. There are few things which are a must in a south Indian thali, such as the rasam, sambhar, dosa and idli. Apart from these, the traditional khichdi and upma is also served which is a good supplement to rice. It’s a great idea to dip your medhu vada into steaming sambhar and relish it steamy hot. People also dip their medhu vada into cold curd and relish it as a dahi far as the sweet is concerned the rawa kesri is famous all over the world which would definitely make you ask for more. Last but not the least do not forget to enjoy your filter coffee.


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5. Kathyawadi thali

The Kathyawadi thali is yet another mouthwatering treat from the north of India which consist of Indian breads such as thepla ,roti and rotla. If you are venturing in a  kathyawadi thali for the first time then you would be astonished by the diversity of breads which are consumed in Gujarat. Out of Indian Thalis, this one in generally teamed with a sweet and tangy Lentil soup also known as daal and surti undhiyu which is a distinctive illustration if vitamins as it a blend of various seasonal vegetable. North Indians like to add in an element of savory which is called as the kathod, it may consist of sev,dhokla ,khakra etc.the  Katyawadi vegetable  needs a special mention in the Katyawadi thali ,as its seriously is a star of the thali. It is prepared in a very special way and needs experience and expertise to prepare it. Apart from this sweet and sour kadi is served which is prepared by combing gram flour and sour curd. A simple yet scrumptious dish known as the Khichri served with a dollop of ghee would definitely satisfy your hunger, but would make you ask for more.

Kathyawadi thali

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 Quite mouth watering list isn’t it? Well, tell us which one out of these Indian Thalis is your favorite!?




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