Indian Ocean Islands

10 Indian Ocean Islands which will surely be your favorite!

‘Islands’, how the word just plucks at the heartstrings of those who would love to get hypnotized by the stunning sights of Nature. As you contemplate the serenity of these islands at dawn or its quiet magnificence at dusk, it’s easy to say that they are the veritable heaven of tranquility. Indian Ocean being the third largest water body is home to amazing tropical islands. So, let’s look at the lust list of 10 stunning islands in Indian Ocean, which definitely serve as the ideal place to unwind and let leisure have its way.

  1. Mahé, Seychelles

The largest and most developed island of Seychelles is the capital of Victoria and keeper of 3000-foot long mountains, awesome beaches, orchids and many other plants. The serene beauty blazing across this one of the most beautiful Indian ocean islands is a glorious affirmation of the constancy of Nature’s ability to summon up her boundless splendor and heal both body and soul. (Image source:

Beauvallon Beach, Mahé, Seychelles

  1. Ko Phi Phi Don, Ao Nang, Thailand

Largest of all in the archipelago of Ko Phi Phi, Ko Phi Phi Don Island is made up of limestone. Glorious as heaven itself must be! No breathtaking vistas can actually prepare you for the beauty that Ko Phi Phi Don greets you with. This non-volcanic island also greets you with famous sports of diving and snorkeling. (Image source)


Indian Ocean Islands

  1. Zanzibar (Unguja), East Africa

Clear, turquoise-blue water awaits you, 15 miles from the Tanzania coast. Zanzibar Island is surrounded by many deserted and untouched islands and also few of the amazing fishing villages. DO NOT MISS OUT ON THE ZANZIBAR’S HEART i.e., its Stone Town with plethora of churches, shops, mosques. You will be hypnotized with the exotic atmosphere. (Image source:



Indian Ocean Islands

  1. Rodrigues, Mauritius

Discover it on foot, following the innumerable winding paths through the many charms of this beautiful island, exploring its dramatic tale of mountains, caves and lagoons. Right in the middle of Indian Ocean, Rodrigues Island, made of basaltic rock, breathes in excessive flora and fauna. Mont Limon (395 mts.) is its highest peak, giving the most beautiful panoramic view ever. (Image source)



Indian Ocean Islands

  1. Bathala, Maldives

A peaceful, captivating caravan lifts up and you’ll be adrift in a world all your own, astride a stunning view. A small, 150 m long Maldivian Island is in oval-shape, adding more to its charm. The vivid hues of the sea and sky are awe-inspiring and the atmosphere is unhurried. The lush tropical island is the most charming getaway. (Image source:


Indian Ocean Islands

  1. Koh Lanta, Thailand

City slickers who live a frenetic workaday life may find that time hangs heavily on their hands here- but that’s only if they haven’t opened up their minds to the limitless possibilities at this island. Along with an enchanting vista of sunset, the island also offers fantabulous scuba diving adventures. An island on Andaman Sea, in southern Thailand is absolutely legendary because of the exotic marine life and uncrowded beaches. (Image source)


Indian Ocean Islands

  1. Inhaca Island, Mozambique

Subtropical island of Mozambique, with white sand and clear water, is an enchanting place for an evening stroll as the setting sun paints the island in brilliant hues. Surrounded by lovely landscapes, Inhaca Island is a place to chill and have local food from. (Image source)


Indian Ocean Islands

  1. Weh island, Indonesia

Wonderful Indonesia brings to us a small, bewitching island with healthy coral reefs. This active volcanic island is a great destination for some diving. The panoramic natural vistas, idyllic beaches, a vibrant ambiance make it a perfect place for relaxation and nature exploration. (Image source:


Indian Ocean Islands

  1. Penang island, Malaysia

Off the Malay Peninsula, lies Penang Island in the Malacca Strait. Embracing modernity, this island is well-known for its multi-cuisine dining of Chinese, Indian, Malay flavors. Retaining its old world charm, Penang Island leads to George Town which is the capital of Penang city. (Image source)


Indian Ocean Islands

  1. Great Nicobar island, India

Largest of the Nicobar Islands, Great Nicobar Island is rich in diverse wildlife and lush green rainforests. Place that will offer you a glorious view of the sunset with the sky changing hue from yellow to crimson to a deep purple. Great Nicobar Biosphere Reserve is home to many unique species of flora and fauna like Nicobar Scrubfowl, Macaque, pythons, crocodiles etc. (Image source)


Indian Ocean Islands

The best thing about getting away to these islands is that there are no prescriptions on places to see or things to do. Do nothing and you’ll have done what you came to do. And for eager beavers, the islands offer great walks- endless prospects of meandering. Share your magical experiences on such islands, in comments below…We would love to get hypnotized with magic galore!



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