Festivals In North East India

5 festivals in North East India which you will absolutely love

India is famous for several reasons and one of them is indeed its vibrant festivals. There are different types of festivals which are celebrated in different parts of the country. Most of these festivals are associated with the harvest season or the commiseration of the New Year’s. Our very own North east also celebrates few festivals which are celebrated gloriously which provide us with a glimpse of their culture, ethos, values and their lifestyles.

Following are few of the festivals in North East India, which are celebrated with pomp and show in the north eastern part of India.

1. Losar, Arunachal Pradesh

Losar is one of the most famous festivals in north east India. This festival is Celebrated in Arunachal Pradesh to welcome the Tibetans New Year. The Buddhist tribes namely Monpa, Sherdukpens, Memba, Khamba and Nah look forward for this festival every year and celebrate with all splendors. The Losar is celebrated for a period of 3 days starting from 11th February. The festival on its first day consist of various activities such as the priest of the monetary offers the highest priest the Dharmapala or Palden Lhamo and people visit their friends and family members and exchange gifts and good wishes. Along with the New Year the harvest season is also celebrated where people exchange newly harvested barley and roasted barley. The second day of the festivals is known for honoring of the local leaders and kings and thanking them for all the good deeds. The last day which is known as the Choe-Kyong Losar people offers various thing to the highest priest also known as the Dharmapala. Along with this they also decorate their houses and tie flags on their houses and decorate the locality. The main festival may be celebrated for 3 days but the spirits are high for 10-15 days.

Losar, Arunachal Pradesh

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2. Saga Dawa, Sikkim

Saga Dawa is yet another popular festival celebrated in Sikkim during the Tibetan lunar month. The date is flexible according to the position of the moon. It is the full moon day which decides the day on which the saga dawa is celebrated. This day holds great significance and has loads of religious belief as it is known as the month of merits. This full moon day is seen in the month of May and June. It is one of the most important Buddhist festival which honor the birth, death and the enlighten of Lord Buddha. On this day the Sikkim monasteries are beautifully decorated and people visits the monasteries to offer holy water, incense sticks. People turn the prayer wheel and chant mantras.

Saga Dawa, Sikkim

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3. Ambubachi Mela, Assam

The Kamakhya Devi temple is one of the most temples in the North east which is situated in Assam.the Ambubachi Mela which happens every year in Assam is one of the most looked forwarded festivals for the North east. It is during this mela when devotees from the entire world come to visit the Kamakhya Devi temple to pay homage to the goddess. It is said that during this time the temple remains closed as the Goddess is going through her 3 day menstrual cycle. The mela generally happens in the month of June where people folk in large numbers. Once the 3 day cycle is over the temple is then opened for the devotees and allows offering prayers and offerings to the deity. It is also said that it is during the mela that the Tantriks perform their rites which is also known as the black magic.

Ambubachi Mela, Assam

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4. Dree Festival, Arunachal Pradesh

Dree festival which is celebrated in Arunachal pradesh has recently gained immense popularity.Initially it was only celebrated by the Apatani Tribe but now have become very popular among other tribes as well. It is a one day festival which is celebrated every year on July 5th; however you would be able to see a lot of preparation start happening on the 4th July itself. The festival is celebrated to pray for a good harvest where the 4 Gods are offered prayers and worship. The four Gods namely Tamu, Harniang, Metii, and Danyi Are greeted with their traditional dance forms. Cucumber is distributed to all the devotees and special wine is served along with savory dishes prepared out of rice and millet

Dree Festival, Arunachal Pradesh

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5. Moatsu Mong, Nagaland

The Moatsu mong festival is also one of the primary festivals in north east India, celebrated in Nagaland. It is celebrated to represent the end of the sowing season.It is celebrated every year from 1st May to 3rd May. Fresh beer is brewed in the district of Mokokchung. Wells are cleaned and local delicacies are prepared in every house. People folk in the community center and make merry. They dance and sing to the tribal music and indulge in cultural performances. If you wish to learn about the Naga culture then Moatsu Mong is the festival which depicts the naga culture. The festival is full of vibrancy where the men perform the warrior dance and the women sing songs to praise the local villagers.

Moatsu Mong, Nagaland

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Have you witnessed the grandeur of any of these festivals in north east India? Do let us know in the comments.



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