Things To Do In Shimla

9 Things to do in Shimla

Shimla also known as the queen of hill stations is one of the most visited hill stations in Himachal Pradesh. It is blessed with lust greenery, grandiose snow caped mountains and sparking lakes. Tourists from all over the country visit Shimla during the summers to find respite from the heat. During winters, Shimla is known for the snow fall. Shimla welcomes the tourists with open arms, thanks to aspiring topography.

There are many things to do in Shimla ranging from taking a hike to Jakhoo Hill, to exploring the shimla ridge, or visiting the historical Viceregal Lodge, or enjoying a golf session at Neldhara. One can also spend a day in Shimla admiring the beautiful Chadwick Falls or visiting the beautiful British retreat, Annandale.

It is quite convenient to reach Shimla if you are travelling from Delhi. The nearest railhead from Shimla is kalka via takes roughly around 5.5 hours by rail. You can also opt for roadways. There are several private operators as well as Himachal Pradesh tourism which run frequent bus services between Delhi to Shimla. Delhi to Shimla is 343 kms and it takes roughly around 7 hours. The closest airport from Shimla is Jubarhati and has frequent flights going to Delhi and Chandigarh.

Things to do in Shimla

  1. Hike to Jakhoo Hill


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Jakhoo Hill, the highest peak in Shimla offers scenic views of the snow covered Himalayas. It’s very popular amongst trekkers, hikers and also pilgrims due to the Jakoo Temple devoted to Lord Hanuman. You can embark upon a fascinating trail to Jakhoo Temple, situated only 2 kms from Shimla town.

  1. Explore the Ridge

The Shimla Ridge is indeed the center of the city. The ridge connects the two summits, the scandal point on the west and Lakkar bazaar on the east. You can enjoy a gentle stroll on the ridge while indulging in shopping. Once you browse through the beautiful collection of hand crafted wooden toys from the lakkar baazar, you can visit the Christ Church and witness the spectacular British Raj architecture. You can also get dressed in one of the himachali outfits and get yourself photographed.

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3, Visit the Viceregal Lodge-

The Viceregal Lodge holds great historical significance as it was the summer residence of the British raj leader who was the significant decision making body in the 1888-1946 era. The Viceregal lodge boasts magnificent interiors and well maintained gardens. From the top of the observatory hills, you can get a closer look at the mighty Himalayas from the top of the observatory hills.

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  1. Enjoy a Golf session at Naldehra

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Located at 2044 m altitude above sea level is this charming hill station of Naldehra where Lord Curzon played golf during the British reign. If you have a fetish for golf then this place is a must visit. You can enjoy a session of golf or horseback ride here.

  1. Admire the beautiful Chadwick Falls

Not too far away from Shimla is this astonishing waterfall, the Chadwick falls which indeed is a must visit. The waterfalls are very appealing surrounded with lush green flora. You would be awestruck by the shimmering and sparkling water across the sun rays during the summers.

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  1. Visit the British retreat, Annandale


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Located just 4 kms form the Ridge is a must visits attraction of Shimla called the Annandale. This was a recreation area for the British before independent, who played polo and cricket here. You can indulge in trekking from the ridge to the Annandale and admire nature in its purest form. You can also visit the gallery to see the vast display of weapons in the army museum

  1. Christ Church & St. Michael’s Cathedral Shimla

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Christ Church & St. Michael’s Cathedral Shimla, is a definite visit, it the second oldest church in North India which roughly took about 11 years to construct. In fact the Christ Church is regarded as one of the most prominent landmark of Shimla and is very conveniently located from the Ridge. The church is lighted during the night which makes it look absolutely beautiful. Photography is permitted inside the church; the stained glass on the window is absolutely magical which looks even more delightful during the night. Just near the church is a library where you can find a large collection of books and scriptures. The library is a typical example of any Elizabethan style architecture which was built in the year 1910

  1. Visit the Summer Hill


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If you wish to gather a bird eye view of Shimla then you must certainly trek to the summer hill which is just a few kms away from the Ridge. Summer hill is a part of seven hills in which Shimla is located. The summer hill is also known as the potters hill as in the olden times, potters gather clay from the hill to make some pots. Since the summer hill is located at a height of 1283 meter above sea level, therefore you are sure to see some offers remarkable views of the valley and the natural beauty.

  1. Spot the wildlife at Daranghati Sanctuary

If time permits then you must definitely make a visit to the Daranghati sanctuary which is around 150kms from Shimla. Daranghati sanctuary  was once a hunting reserve which is spread across 167.40kms.Later in the year 1962 ,due to its rich flora and fauna, it was then declared as a sanctuary and is now one of the most visited tourist attraction


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